• Business/Information Technology 


    Business and Information technology courses are designed to teach students how to be successful in school and in their future profession using today’s powerful digital communication tools. Students will master input and output technology skills, software and hardware skills, and application skills.
    Information technology is comprised of computerized devices and software programs that help people communicate with each other. These devices are important for professional, academic, and economic success. Word processing, spreadsheet, e-mail, Web browser, database, and multimedia applications fill the students’ lives with colorful and exciting new ways to communicate, share, and inspire.
    Technology is a driving force that has the power to reshape the students’ learning and career activities. Each new technological advance promotes new ways of thinking, working, communicating, and learning. With each course that is offered in this department, students have the opportunity to be more efficient, better educated, and more prosperous.

    Courses offered through our department include: 

    Introduction to Marketing, Marketing I, Marketing 2, Accounting 1, Accounting 2, Accounting 3, and Business Management.  Participation in KP DECA is offered through the marketing courses to students in grades 10-12.



    Please refer to the DECA Blackboard page under Activities for all information and announcements pertaining to KP DECA. Thank You.

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  • Our TEAM

    Our department consists of course work that challenges a students creativity, spirit and sense of community. Course topics include Marketing/DECA (Mr. Dow) and Accounting/Business (Mr. Swansburg).

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  • Dow, James, CTL

    Business: 508-384-1000
    Email: dowj@kingphilip.org