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  • Review of Video Editing Apps for Google Docs

    Posted by Marshall Ritch on 2/1/2019 10:00:00 AM

    Often students are asked to include video presentations in their reports or other
    assignments for teachers who use Google Docs. This can present a challenge for
    students since Google Docs and Google Chrome does not interact with all commonly
    used video editing apps and programs. This blog contains a review and
    recommendations of video editing apps designed for use with Google Docs and Google
    Most likely students will be taking the video on their phone. If you have an Android
    phone you are all set. Android apps should be fully compatible with Google Docs and
    Google Chrome. If you have an iPhone, you need to be more cautious and don’t
    assume the app you use will be compatible. Many apps on the iPhone are not available
    for Google Docs and Google Chrome. You will be able to upload your video, but it may
    not function properly or you will not be able to make any additional edits.The same is
    true for Windows products, Adobe products (such as Photoshop), and other Apple
    So what’s your best bet if you have an assignment that requires producing a video that
    needs to be uploaded into Google Docs? Start with a compatible video editing program
    or app. Luckily there are a few good ones that function across platforms.


    Video Editing Blog

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  • Why Use VR or AR in the Classroom?

    Posted by Shayne Graham on 1/17/2019 8:30:00 AM

    Augmented Reality (AR) is a interactive experience made to resemble the real world using computer generated objects. So essentially AR is like living in the things you see on TV, movies, cartoons, etc. Virtual Reality (VR) is a interactive experience not made to resemble the real world and made to experience fiction. AR and VR can be expensive, but making something cheap yourself works. A Google Cardboard can come in at the cost of about $15 while making your own using online templates you can create your own at the low cost of $3.75. If you want something high end made for things like gaming that take more power, you can burn a good $400 out of your pocket by buying the Oculus Rift, one of the more popular VR headsets, another one the HTC Vive can take a good $500 out of your wallet. If you would like to experience AR you can use the same headsets but personally I do not recommend using a lower end headset for AR. Using these realities for classrooms can help people learn. According to the Social Science Research Network, 65% of people are visual learners and learn better by looking at things and visualizing it out. With this in mind, using VR or AR in the classroom can help a majority of people learn by using VR or AR they can see what they are learning about and most educational VR/AR apps have a narration so they will be learning from someone who did research on the topic. This can be a useful option to learn up to any level, as long as you find the right app, you can even use this for law school. When using something like a DIY Google Cardboard, it is made for your phone so you cannot use VR/AR for anything too big, like games. 4 Apps to use for educational purposes are DiscoveryVR, Egyptian Mysteries, Sites in VR, and Mars is a Real Place. Each one is available on at least android. In DiscoveryVR just like the Discovery Channel, you can learn about the different animals and the narrator will teach you what's special about each animal you research. In Egyptian Mysteries, you can learn about the ancient Egyptians and things about them like how the history behind the Egyptians. Sites in VR shows you artitecture and shows you how things are built and how certain structures in buildings are built the way they are. Mars is a Real Place is an app that tells you about the planet and discusses astronomy while teaching the person the history behind certain events relating to Mars. In conclusion, VR/AR is a great thing to be used in a classroom is used responsibly as it helps visual learners learn, and it opens a new door for kids to look to technology.


    DIY Make your own VR Headset

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  • SAT Prep Apps compared

    Posted by Connor Rego on 1/8/2019 11:00:00 AM

    All of these are helpful in different ways. They have many productive learning tools that can help the user prepare better for the SAT test. After using all of these apps I have found that SAT Prep By Ready 4 has had more of an impact on my studying experience. The format of the app has a better layout in which it kept me organized in a more proper manner. The study tools have also given me a different standpoint on studying and showing me different ways to improve my working experiences.

    Which App is more Efficient?

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  • Mindfulness / Meditation Apps Review

    Posted by Marshall Ritch on 1/8/2019 8:00:00 AM

    These days everyone is stressed.  One of the newest ways recommended to help combat stress is mindfulness and meditation. Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present in what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. Studies show that meditation can help reduce school-related stress (and actually help improve test scores).  There are many mindfulness and meditation apps which can be downloaded directly onto a smartphone. Here are reviews for 3 of the best.


    Mindfulness / Meditation Apps Review



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  • Google Slide, Powerpoint, Prezi comparison

    Posted by Tyler Bartlett on 1/8/2019 8:00:00 AM

    After using Google Slides, PowerPoint and Prezi, in my opinion the most accessible and easiest application to use is Google Slides. Slides is used to collaborate between people, they can share presentations between each other and work on the project at the same time. Google Slides also allows a person to access their presentation from any device if they are logged in with the correct email. PowerPoint is a close second because it has almost all the same features as Google Slides, but Slides in my opinion is easier to use. Prezi could be very good if a person sat down and learned how to use the website and all of its features, you can get very creative with Prezi. All in all, Google Slides, PowerPoint and Prezi are three applications that all have their own benefits and drawbacks.


    Google Slide, Powerpoint, Prezi comparison

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  • Easy Accents

    Posted by Cheryl Rowe on 10/12/2018 11:00:00 AM

    Easy Accents - Google Add-on by Tyler Bartlett


    The tool easy accents is a quick and easy add-on to have a shortcut to many accents in twenty-four different languages. This educational tool will benefit both students and teachers, it provides an easy shortcut for inserting accents on a google site. This add-on makes it easier for students and teachers because instead of using cryptic codes to insert accents (Ex. Alt + 0225), the user just opens the add-on and it has all the accents they need, they select the correct language that they need and then to actually insert an accent the user types out the word and just fills in the letter with the accent by clicking on the appropriate letter with the correct accent. (Ex. Despúes).

    Easy Accents



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  • Ad Block

    Posted by Cheryl Rowe on 10/5/2018 9:00:00 AM
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  • Google Classroom - an overview - Sam Cullen

    Posted by Cheryl Rowe on 1/10/2018 11:45:00 AM

    Google Classroom Review

    Google Classroom is an easy to use, online classroom supplement tool. The pleasurable aesthetic of the website makes it not only simple to navigate and identify important information but also enjoyable to use.

    On the teacher side Google Classroom has a host of useful and intuitive tools to use to supplement learning and organize information. When you create a new classroom you will have access to tools that allow you to post assignments, grade assignments, provide extra resources to the class, monitor individual students progress, communicate one on one or to the whole class, and track overall class progression.

    For the students Google Classroom allows you to check upcoming assignments, ongoing assignments, keep up to date on makeup work, work directly with the teacher, communicate with other students, and even work on and complete the assignments in an attached Google doc in Google Classroom.

    The ease of access between students and teachers is essential and consolidation of any and all necessary information in one universally accessible place is invaluable. On first start up of the program it will provide helpful and easy to follow instructions on how to use each function when you select it. Google Classroom is the perfect program for teachers who want to take their classroom out of school and work on a personal level with their students to ensure the success of each individual pupil. And the best part about it is the fact that it is totally and completely 100% free for both the teachers and students.


    Google Classroom

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  • Quizlet- Grant Meyer

    Posted by Cheryl Rowe on 1/10/2018 11:30:00 AM

    Quizlet is a website where users can create sets of flashcards to study from. No matter the subject or topic, students or individuals who are interested in a useful study tool should look to to create their own set of flashcards to study from.  Users can search for study sets that other Quizlet users have already created or create their own material. In Quizlet, users are able to create flashcards to play games and study activities with, or use the newest feature to the website and create a diagram. If you need a helping hand when studying for exams or comprehending a subject, then Quizlet is right for you! Quizlet is available to anyone who has access to the Internet on their computer or mobile device. Quilzet can also be accessed on a mobile application through the App Store of the Google Play Store.


    Quizlet Instructions

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  • Simple Mind - Dan Vieira

    Posted by Cheryl Rowe on 1/10/2018 11:30:00 AM

    A tool for helping map your ideas

    Simple Mind

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  • The students have been very busy the past few weeks helping the tech office prepare for computer based MCAS exams.

    They have converted 2 Acer Carts to Chromebooks which allows for much faster login.

    They have been setting up 2 new Chromebook carts.

    They have also been taking parts from broken laptops to create working ones.


    Shayne Replacing Keyboard

    Shayne replacing keyboard on Acer converted Chromebook

    Marshall setting up new Chromebook cart

    Marshall setting up new Chromebook carts