Team 8-3 Blue Moose

Thank you for visiting the Blue Moose Team webpage! All team information and communication can be found on our Team App, which is accessible to students and families, as well as our Team Google Classroom, which is designed for students only.

Team Contacts

Mrs. Bond  ELA 

Virtual AgendaLINK
Office Hours – Thursday

Mrs. McGovern  MATH

Virtual Agendas
Math with Algebra – LINK
Algebra Extended – LINK
Office Hours – Tuesday

Mr. Karpes  SCIENCE

Virtual AgendaLINK
Office Hours – Thursday

Blue Moose Team

Mr. Holland  CIVICS 

Virtual AgendaLINK
Office Hours – Tuesday

Grade 8 Guidance Counselor
Ms. Spinelli 

Available by appointment!

Info About the App

The team App, geared towards parents/guardians, will provide you with all announcements, protocols, schedules, teacher contact information, and more! We recommend that all students and families on the team either bookmark the app’s webpage or save it as an app on their personal device for quick access.

To download the app on your device, please follow these steps:

  1. Open your device’s camera and hover it over the QR code below
  2. When prompted on your device, open the webpage.
  3. Once on the webpage, either follow the directions to bookmark the app, or click on “home” in the upper right corner to find access to all the information you need!

Info About Google Classroom

The team Google Classroom, geared towards students, will be where all teachers post their syllabus, reminders, and information about school or team events.   Students will be invited to join the Team Google Classroom during the first week of school.