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12th Grade College Prep Self and Society

Ms. Logan Office Hours: Tuesday 2:15-2:45

Anderson’s Feed
Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Shakespeare’s Hamlet
Flynn’s Gone Girl
McCarthy’s The Road
Orwell’s 1984
College Writing Skills
The following percentages comprise each term’s average. Extra credit is not given.
  1. Tests, Projects, and Essays: 60%
  2. Quizzes: 30% (Please Note: Quizzes can be either announced or unannounced. Unannounced, or “pop” quizzes, are typically based on assigned nightly reading. Remember to keep up with all assigned reading because you never know when you will take a quiz!)
  3. Homework + Classwork: 10%
    (Please Note: Homework and classwork is not always collected daily, though it will be collected most days. When an assignment is collected, that assignment is graded for accuracy and not just whether or not it was completed. Therefore, it is possible to fully complete an assignment but still not receive a 100 for the grade.)