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Policies and Class Info

Honors English 9
Mr. Bourgoin                                                            Email:
Extra Help: Tuesday and Wednesday after school       Phone: 508-384-1000 ext. 130
1) A 3-ring binder specifically for English (one inch or more)
2) White-lined paper (either hole-punched in your binder or in separate notebook).
3) Four dividers labeled: "Literature/Notes,"  "Writing," "Grammar," and "Vocabulary"
4) #2 Pencils
5) Blue or black pens
Classroom Rules:
1) Tardiness – If you are late to class, you must bring a pass from your last teacher.
2) Snacks are allowed, as is drinking water/coffee/etc. as long as it is not distracting to other classmates.
3) Assignments (papers, projects, etc.) that are due on its respective day must be printed before coming to class.
4) Cell phones – Cell phones can be utilized for educational purposes. Therefore, they are not restricted from bringing to class. However, if you are caught with your cellphone when I haven't told you to take them out, I reserve the right to 1) ask you to put it away on first offense, 2) confiscate it for the remainder of class on second offense, 3) Move to further disciplinary actions (discuss matter with the office, call parents) on more offenses.
Absences/Make-Up Work:
My policies are consistent with that of King Philip's policies on page 15 of the Student Handbook.
1) Students absent from school are expected to make up all work assigned or collected during their absence within reasonable time. It is the student's responsibility to ask their teacher about the work that needs to be made up. Work that was due on the day of the absence is not make-up work and is due on the day of the student's return.
2) For an absence of one or two days, a teacher may allow up to five days to make up missed work, except for what is noted in point number 3.
3) When a class is missed for absence or dismissal on the day of or before a test/quiz that is given, the student will be expected to take the test/quiz on the day of their return.
4) Absences due to personal or family vacations are not covered by the make-up allowance policy. This allowance will be determined by the teacher. It is recommended that, if you know you have a big trip coming up, you should talk to me long before the trip happens.
5) Failure to make up the required work within the allotted time will result in a   zero.
Missing/Late Work:
1) All graded assignments will be marked 10 points off for each day late. This applies to all assignments left in your locker, at home, in a previous class, or simply not finished on time. After the third day, an assignment will no longer be accepted, and a zero will be recorded. If an assignment is due on Friday and you are in school, but do not turn in the work, 30 points will be deducted from the grade – this includes 10 points a day for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
2) Late homework is not accepted, unless you are absent when an assignment is due. Late homework is defined as any assignment not present at the start of class, whether it is in your locker, at home, or in a previous class. You may not turn in any missed homework for credit (unless absent, see above section).
If you are absent from school on the day when an out-of-class, long-term assignment is due (I.e. an essay), it is your responsibility to email this assignment to me as a Word attachment by 2:15 pm on the day it is due. Failure to do so will result in a 10 point deduction for that day. If the document fails to open, the 10 point deduction will apply. If the assignment is not handed in the next day (either in person if you return to school or electronically if you are still absent), another 10 points will be deducted. On the third day, you will receive a zero for the assignment.
Please refer to pages 27-29 of the Student Handbook for enforced attendance policy.
Class Cuts:
As stated on page 33 of the Student Handbook, students who cut class will receive a zero for work missed or due that day. This includes any and all tests/quizzes given or projects collected.
Grading Policies:
Here are the following percentages for each term's grade average:
1) Tests and Essays – 50%
2) Quizzes (Announced quizzes and pop quizzes on the reading due) – 30%
3) Homework and Classwork – 10% (Please note that homework and classwork are not collected each day, though it is expected that that all work is completed when assigned. When homework/classwork IS collected, it will be graded for accuracy as well as for completeness. Therefore, you may complete an entire assignment but not always receive a grade of a 100 for your work. Please complete your work carefully, as you never know when an assignment will be collected and graded! I also reserve the right to check for simply completeness.)
4) Vocabulary Tests – 10% (Each term you will take ONE vocab test)
Don't cheat. Being caught cheating on any assignment is a huge violation of a student's academic reputation and work. While that is the simple version, information can be found on page 73 of the Student Handbook. Here's some more elaboration on what "cheating" is:
1) Homework: A student is cheating when he/she attempts to copy or borrow another student's homework, or if he/she "shares" the homework with a classmate. Cheating goes BOTH WAYS in this instance.
2) Quizzes/Tests/Mid-Year and Final Exams: A student is cheating when he/she attempts to gain any information from another student or from any unauthorized materials (for example, a cell phone).
3) Written projects/research reports: a student is cheating when he/she uses any one else's words or ideas without documentation (plagiarism). I will give you full warning that KP uses TurnItIn, which easily detects any sort of plagiarism (similarity to other students' works, anything on the internet, etc.)
When it has been determined that a student is guilty of cheating, the student will receive a ZERO for the work. If more than one student is found guilty of cheating, all guilty parties will receive a ZERO. Students found guilty of cheating MAY NOT made up the assignment for credit.
Let's have a fun year!