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Future NHS Applicants

If you wish to become a member of National Honor Society in your Junior or Senior year, please keep the following in mind:

The selection criteria for NHS will be based on an evaluation of students’ performance according to the four criteria: Scholarship, Character, Leadership, and Service.  The criteria for Scholarship are met by any junior or senior who maintains a cumulative GPA of 3.66 or higher; the students must also be enrolled at KP for at least one full year. The NHS Faculty Council will examine students’ application and determine if students meet the criteria in Character, Leadership, and Service.  The Faculty Council will use the following criteria when applications are read and evaluated. 

Exhibits the 6 Pillars of NHS Character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship
  • Courteous and respectful in all endeavors
  • Actively works to overcome negative influences in and outside of school
  • Consistently exhibits mature, moral, and ethical behavior
  • Exercises leadership both inside the classroom and outside of the school by having a positive influence on peers (as evidenced by: election or appointment to positions of responsibility, such as class representative, Student Council representative, sports team captain, etc.; participation in organizing/planning events; leadership in activities outside of school, such as work and other civic organizations); students should have multiple examples of leadership in both school and the community.
  • Exemplifies positive qualities such as reliability and dependability
  • Contributes to the overall improvement of the school by inspiring positive attitudes in others
  • Leads by example by delegating responsibility or by assuming roles that others will not do
  • Is resourceful in problem-solving and takes academic initiative
  • Has a minimum of 25 hours of community service; the service should be unpaid activities that were done to help the community. These hours should be completed during high school and should span several years; there should be a variety of activities completed.
  • Demonstrates service to the school community (as evidenced by: active involvement in school activities, not only by membership but also by constant service; reliability in his or her service endeavors; taking on difficult or challenging roles; service that stretches continuously over the high school career)
Community service is defined as:
  • Service done outside of school (students cannot receive credit or fulfill a component of a class as a result of this service)
  • Activities done in service of the aged, poor, or disadvantaged (activities done in association with Leo Club, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Church groups, or other service groups are also acceptable)
  • Fundraisers for non-profit events (Walk for Hunger, Relay for Life, etc.)
  • Peer tutoring, peer mentoring, and other peer support groups (as long as the student is not receiving class credit for these services)