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Test Tuesday Dec. 6 Unit 2A

Unit 2A Test next Tuesday Dec. 6th
To help you study!
You need to be able to:
express likes and dislikes
say how you and others feel about different school subjects (Je pense que l'anglais est . . .facile. etc.)
say what you and others are doing/ not doing : Il cherche un livre/ Il ne parle pas dans la bibliotheque.
Use the correct ending of the er verbs when you do this (Ils retrouvent les amis)
Ask and answer questions using inversion, est-ce que, n'est-ce pas and responses like bien sur, pas du tout, oui, si, non . . .
Use notes from class and your textbook pages 38/39 for vocabulary
and pages 46 - 49 for -er verbs, ne . . .pas, forming and answering questions
Etudiez bien!!!!