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Test on Chapter 4A Thursday March 30

Make sure you can:
Say what you are going to do and where:
Je vais acheter un stylo au magasin.  : I am going to buy a pen at the store.
Use the correct contraction if necessary when saying to the or at the:
Nous allons bavarder au musée.   Ils sont aux montagnes.

Ask and answer questions with who, what, which, when, where, why, how, how many etc. in French:
 Qui, quoi, quel, quand, ou, pourquoi, comment, combien Qu'est-ce que . . .
Use the right form of Quel, Quelle, Quels, Quelles:  A Quelle patinoire est-ce que tu patines?
Be able to use all the new verbs from our stories: nager, bavarder, depenser, dejeuner, acheter, patiner, prend, inviter, quitter, passer.