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More Extra Credit- Rare Aware

This Term 4 extra credit project is due Thursday May 18, 2017

In the United States, rare disease are defined as affecting fewer than 20,000 people. There are thousands of rare diseases, which means that these disease affect millions of people. You will research a rare diesase and present your findings at a poster session at the Rare Aware event prior to the Lip Sync Battle which benefits the Huntington's Disease Association.

Step 1: Select a rare disease; please be sure to check with your science teacher if the disease you select is appropriate..
Step 2: What are the symptoms of this disease? What is the prognosis? How long/does that disease last? When might the disease begin in a person's life? Can one live with the disease or is it fatal?
Who does this disease affect? Does it affect both males and females? Does is affect all ages? Ethnicities? Be sure you have statistics.
Is the disease genetic? If so, be sure to list what chromosome number and inheritance pattern.
Are there cures or treatments for the disease? Does the treatment only address some symptoms?
What organizations exist to support people and families affected by the disease? Who could patients/families call to find out more about the disease?

Step 3: Create your tri-fold poster.
Your poster should be neat and "professional"
It should have large, attractive title at the top of the page.
This means text should be TYPED and large enough to read from a few feet away.
Information should be formatted like a Q&A or bulleted information. In other words, do not copy and paste paragraphs of information from a website on the internet.
It should be visually appealing- including color, organization, neatness (no jagged cut edges) no spelling or grammar errors.
This is worth up to 25 points extra credit for Term 4.