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Course Syllabus

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Course Syllabus
Content this year will include both Life and Earth Science topics. You will learn about Cells, the Human Body, Genetics, Volcanoes, and Rocks and Minerals to name just a few! All of the topics you will be learning cover the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for Grade Seven Science.
How will my grade be determined?
 Your grade is determined by a Total Points Scale. Each assignment/test/quiz is given a point value. You may want to keep track of your grades so that you can quickly calculate your average for the class. On average, tests and projects will be scored out of 100 points, quizzes 10-50 points, and homework counts as a test grade of 100 points.
 Are the opportunities for Extra Credit?
 Each week there will be an extra credit question posted or some type of extra credit offered. Last year, students read a Science fiction book from my list of choices, and answered questions.

What day is extra help offered?

If you need extra help, you can stay after on Wednesdays. We will have a review session before a test, you can makeup homework, or you can have concepts explained