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Grade Eight Science Syllabus

Mr. Jonathan Lovett
508-541-7324 ext.308 Room 308


Welcome to grade 8 science. Eighth grade science completes the requirements for the Massachusetts Frameworks for grades 6, 7, and 8. Students will gain experience in observation, basic laboratory skills, knowledge of how to analyze experimental data and generalize from it, and how to correlate an abstract idea with a concrete situation. The course content will include Life science, Earth and Space sciences and Physical science ( chemistry and physics). The course text is Science, Level Blue by Glencoe Publishers.


Physical Science

* Properties of Matter

* Forms of Energy

* Motion, Forces and Energy

Earth and Space Science

* Heat Transfer in the Earth System

* The Earth in the Solar System

* Earth's changes over time

Life Science

* Humans and Heredity

* Ecology


Term grade will be based on a "total point" system.

Laboratory Work

* Lab reports and/or Lab quizzes

* Lab performance

Quizzes, Class Work and Homework

* Open notebook quizzes will be unannounced. They will be based on class work and homework and will be 4 – 10 questions.

* Closed notebook quizzes will be announced. They will be based on class work and will be 20 + questions.

* Homework will consist of lab preparation, text book reading, and worksheets that will primarily be graded for completion and periodically collected for a grade.

Tests and Projects

* Expect 3 to 5 of these assessments per term

* Written tests, lab/performance tests, projects