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Rules. Procedures. Expectations.

Rules. Procedures. Expectations.

Grade 8 Science Mr. Jonathan Lovett

When you arrive to class:

* Come to class prepared with all necessary materials.

* Go to your seat, take out homework and begin the warm up.

* Please stay seated during class unless instructed otherwise.

Leaving the room during class:

* Visit the restroom before class if possible.

* If you do have to leave the room, please ask me first.

Classroom areas:

* For safety reasons some of the areas in the classroom are off limits to students. They are:

* Safety shower and eyewash station are for emergency use only.

* Cabinets and lab stations, except when in direct use.

* My desk and my computer.

* There are several computers in the classroom and students are allowed to use them appropriately, and when the time is appropriate.

Classroom rules:

* Respect your teacher. Respect your peers. Respect yourself. Respect the equipment, the class room, and the facility.

* Please no chewing gum.

* If I say "eyes on me," it is important that you stop talking/working, look at me and listen carefully. During lab experiments, it is particularly important I have your undivided attention.

Lab procedures:

* SAFETY FIRST at all times. No matter what.

* Always follow the safety rules we discuss in class. If you do not follow the rules you will leave the classroom and receive zero points for the lab.

* Safety glasses should be worn for every lab experiment or procedure, unless I say otherwise.

* Stay at your lab station. Do not roam the classroom during labs.

* Do your share during labs, and share duties during labs.

* CLEAN UP your area and equipment 5 minutes before the end of class, or when you are instructed to.


End of class:

* Do not leave the classroom until your desk/lab station area is cleaned up.


* Term grades will be based on a "total point" system.

* Homework completed on time and brought to class will receive full credit.

* Late homework will be marked down.

* QUIZZES will be both announced and unannounced. Pop quizzes will be short, open notebook and based primarily on completed homework, warm ups, and/or class notes.

* YOU earn the grade you receive.

If you are absent:

* First check the "While you were out" bin for work missed.

* If you can't find the missed work or don't understand the missed work, see me.

* Missed labs, quizzes, or tests must be made up promptly.

* Please note, if you are absent the day before a preannounced quiz or test, you should be prepared to take the assessment with the class.

* YOU are responsible for missed work.

Failure to follow the rules:

* Failure to follow the classroom rules and procedures will undoubtedly have consequences. Appropriate action may range from a verbal warning to a parent phone call to removal from the classroom.

* These rules are to assure that the classroom is a SAFE and RESPECTFUL environment for ALL OF US. Please obey the rules!!!


I am looking forward to a great school year in science with all of you!