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PANAMA connection

Just an update to the wonderful progress on this project!  Students not only donated over $200 (and with my matching donation we sent $465.00!!!!)but they also wrote letters and donated supplies for the school children in Cocle, Panama.  We have connected with Volunteer Patrick Sephton from Amherst, MA and have been corresponding with him periodically over email.  Today we are sending out a care package for the school children and townspeople containing a letter from each of my students including pictures and drawings and some treats like pencils, crayons, candy stickers and even a mosquito net and personal water filtration system!  The generosity of the students has been so amazing!!!  School begins in Cocle on Monday March 6 from their summer break.  We hope they are able to receive the package in the next month and possible write back to us.  Thank you so much for all your generosity!!!!!!!