What are we studying in Spanish 2 this week?

We have studied a unit on Foods, drinks, table items and restaurant routines. We already had two Food vocab. quizzes. within this unit we have also studied the preterite of regular verbs. We also had a quiz on the preterit. 

Then we studied the preterit of stem changing IR-ending verbs as well as the irregular preterits

 We concluded the Irregular preterits with a quiz.

We also studied comparisons of equality and of inequality, as well as superlatives.

We ended The Comparatives and Supertlatives with a quiz. and Started studying the present subjunctive which we also concluded with a quiz. The subjunctive along with the commands (familiar and formal) are parts of the Technology unit.

We have completed the study of familiar & formal commands. Now, we are studying vocabulary associated with Health (la Salud) and the Body Parts (Las Partes del Cuerpo).

We had our vocabulary quiz on health and Body Parts on 5/23 and 5/24 then moved to study the Imperfect Tense in order to be able to talk about  what we used to do in the past or were doing at a certain time in the past. This is a one-day lesson. Now after Practice (Hw/Cw) and Application (Oral Production), we studied the Adverbs and a quiz on the Imperfect Tense  as well the Adverbs. We are now studying the STRESSED POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES AND PRONOUNS.