King Philip Regional School District

Our Vision

The King Philip Regional School District inspires students to develop their passions and prepares them to succeed in a world of rapid and constant change.

Our Mission

The mission of the King Philip Regional School District is to provide an educational community where students come first and have the opportunity to achieve to their fullest potential.

This will be accomplished by fostering a climate of respect, individual and collective responsibility, creativity, and enthusiasm for learning.

The King Philip Regional School District will ensure a safe, caring, and supportive environment that balances academic rigor with the development of character and a strong sense of self.

Our Guiding Belief

We believe that students have the potential to achieve all of their aspirations when they are in an environment that does not marginalize.

Report Summary

The report cards include multiple measures of district and school performance – more than just MCAS scores. It represents a new way of looking at performance, by providing information on student achievement, teacher qualifications, student learning opportunities, and more.  Report cards are designed to be useful tools for everyone connected to our district and schools. Families can use the information to have meaningful conversations with us about what our schools are doing well and where there is room for improvement. Community and education leaders can use the information to better understand how to support students and our schools.

Strategic Plan

Schools can get a better picture of how to improve learning for all students by gathering, intersecting, and organizing different categories of data.

Goal 1

Ensure rigorous and relevant 7-12 curricula that fosters active engagement and depth of understanding.

Goal 2

Develop a supportive learning community through a social emotional initiative to encourage the healthy development of all students.

Goal 3

Grow and sustain a mutually supportive and trusting relationship with stakeholder groups for the benefit of the mission and vision of the KPRSD and sustain a positive connection with and among the community at large.

Goal 4

Provide and enhance the integration of technology resources available to staff and students.

Goal 5

Develop and sustain effective and efficient use of resources to focus on continuous improvement, support student learning, and fiscal responsibility.