Director of Finance & Operations

Larry Azer

Bus Routes Effective August 31, 2021

Lost and Found

  • At the end of the day, the bus driver is required to visually inspect the whole bus for left behind items.
  • If the driver finds anything, he/she will retain the items until the next run to attempt to return the lost items.
  • At the end of the first day, if the items have not been returned, the driver gives the items to the front office of the bus company for safekeeping.
The office hours for Holmes Transportation are from 6:00am-4:00pm. They may be contacted at (508) 528-4550. Once the office is closed, an answering service is available at the same number. If it is an emergency, someone from Holmes Transportation will be contacted.

Bus Riding Privileges

The King Philip Regional School District expects that every student who rides a bus will behave properly. Rules and procedures are published in the Student Handbook.. Bus riding privileges may be forfeited for rule infractions.
Please call the school’s Main Office regarding late buses and minor issues concerning buses, drivers, etc.
High School:     (508) 384-1000
Middle School: (508) 541-7324

Bus Route Publications

The bus schedule and bus stop listings are published in The Sun ChronicleCountry Gazette, and Norfolk Boomerang in late August. The schedules may also be obtained by calling each school’s main office. High School (508)-384-1000 Middle School (508)-541-7324. The bus company establishes the bus routes and stops with recommendations from the District. Generally, the routes and students are carried forward without major changes from the previous year. These routes are based on student address information supplied by the school District. It is important that you supply a correct home address as your bus stop is based on your residence.