To request the use of any of the King Philip Regional School facilities please complete the appropriate forms below and return via fax or e-mail to Larry Azer.
Director of Finance & Operation

Larry Azer


(508) 520-7991 ext. 2301

For specific facilities information, please refer to the following directory:

Facilities Use Calendar

Facilities Fee Matrix

Anyone wishing to request use of any school facilities MUST examine the Facilities Calendar before selecting dates to request for their event.  You will need to either log-in or create a facilities request account following the link at the top right-hand corner of the calendar page in order to submit a facilities use request for either school.

*PLEASE NOTE: No reservations for facilities use by non-school organizations for each new fiscal/academic year will be accepted prior to the 1st of July each year.  Early submissions prior to July 1st will be discarded and not considered once facility bookings begin on July 1st.

Theatre Facilities Request Instructions

  1. Requests for all the spaces you expect to need (dressing room space, judges room, etc.) must be made with your original request.
  2. No additional facilities will be made available “on the spot” once an event begins without a previous request!
  3. A site visit is required of every new theatre facilities rental patron before any requests can be made through the facilities request calendar program. Theater facilities request submission made by new patrons without a previous site visit will be rejected automatically.
  4. Everyone requesting use of the theatre facilities must fill out the technical request (Tech Rider) form on the page below.
  5. Any event booked into the theatres of the King Philip Regional School District are subject to delay or cancellation by the superintendent of schools in the event of severed inclement weather (i.e. snow, ice, etc.). Every effort will be made to have such decisions made prior to 6:00 AM on the day of the facilities usage.
  6. Due to previous issues, all groups an organizations renting our theatre facilities for larger audiences must include in their planning a provision for a police detail to be on-site for the duration of their event for crowd control. This must be arranged with both the school district and the Wrentham Police Department (for the Grady Theatre) or the Norfolk Police Department (for the KPMS Auditorium) well in advance of the scheduled event with an understanding that police details are a  minimum of four hours duration.