Healthy KP Partners with King Philip Regional Middle School to Host Lip Sync Battle

WRENTHAM — Superintendent Paul Zinni and Healthy KP Substance Use Prevention Coalition Director Oomiya Kawas are pleased to announce that Healthy KP sponsored a Lip Sync Battle and Teacher Talent Showcase earlier this month at the King Philip Regional Middle School.

On Thursday, Nov. 10, Healthy KP sponsored its second Lip Sync Battle and Teacher Talent Showcase for the KPRMS school community. At the event, 25 students performed in the Lip Sync Battle.

Principal Michelle Kruezer and Dean of Students Jay Donovan also performed their rendition of “The Fox”, which was a huge hit with the crowd of students who were the loudest they were all night when they performed.

At the end of the battle, King Philip Regional Middle School students Lacy Miner and Reese Howitt won first place for their performance of “Start of Something New” from the movie “High School Musical.”

The event was free and open for all to attend. Approximately 125 students attended the event and several families attended to support their students as well.

“Our second Lip Sync Battle was a great success as we had a huge turnout and several students along with two very entertaining faculty members performed,” Director Kawas said. “This event was also a great opportunity for the school to host an engaging program that allowed our students to connect with one another and build a community in a safe and healthy environment prior to the long weekend we had.”

As part of the event, Healthy KP also showcased the Middle School social norms during a trivia portion. As part of the social norms, everyone discussed the dangers of vaping and school statistics from Metro West data.

Director Kawas would like to thank all Healthy KP and middle school volunteers who helped to sponsor and staff this event.

“Healthy KP is a great asset within our district as they help to promote the importance of making healthy choices when it comes to substance use by embedding those themes into their fun and engaging community events,” Superintendent Zinni said. “I’m extremely pleased to see how continually well-received their events and messaging are by our school community, and look forward to all the good they will continue to do.”



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