King Philip Regional High School Announces Class of 2022 Graduation Distinction Recipients

Superintendent Paul Zinni and Principal Dr. Lisa Mobley announce that several King Philip Regional High School students will be graduating with distinction as members of the Class of 2022.

In order to achieve distinction status, students must propose a project and work with an advisor to complete the action steps that were approved by a KPRHS faculty panel.

“Every year, we have a handful of students who are passionate about a topic and further explore it through a project that coincides with their curriculum,” Superintendent Zinni said. “Through hands-on and experiential learning, these students work towards completing their complex project alongside their distinction advisors. As a result, they receive a special distinction affixed to their diploma that recognizes their accomplishment. I ask that you all join me in congratulating these students on their projects.”

Students who will be graduating with distinction include the following:

  • Olivia LaFond: Distinction in STEM – Creation of a Website for the Wrentham Food Pantry

As part of her project, LaFond worked with the directors of the Wrentham Food Pantry to develop a website that provides easy access to information for both volunteers and patrons.

  • Sheela Pandit: Distinction in STEM – Promoting Interest in Artificial Intelligence Among Elementary-School Aged Children

Pandit developed several games that were placed in the Norfolk Public Library that teach young children about the “thought” processes incorporated into artificial intelligence programming. 

  • Katharine Pepper: Distinction in STEM – Design of a Web Browser Game to Help Educate About Confirmation Bias

Pepper developed and launched a web browser game that incorporated activities to help participants learn about confirmation bias.

  • Arielle Feuer: Distinction in STEM – Plant-Based Eating: What and Why?

Feuer created an interactive website that informs the community about the benefits of plant-based eating that includes a food blog to which she posted recipes that she has developed using the principles of a plant-based diet. Each recipe post contains a description, a picture, ingredients and instructions on how to make it. Additionally, each entry contains a general review, a recommendation out of 10, and pictures of the food

  • Makayla Hickey: Distinction in Liberal Arts – The Benefits of Foreign Language Learning

Hickey worked with staff at the Norfolk Public Library to create a display that educated people about the benefits of foreign language learning. She followed up with data collection to determine if the overall number of foreign language books checked out from the library increased after the display was posted. 

  • Lily Luskin: Distinction in Liberal Arts –  Empty Calories Fill Cupboards Program 

Luskin worked with the Plainville Food Pantry to develop the Empty Calories Fill Cupboards Program, which educates people about which types of food items are best for food pantry donations when looking at nutritional value. She also helped to promote this project throughout the community. 

  • Molly O’Brien: Distinction in Liberal Arts – Sexism: The Cage Women Are Placed In 

O’Brien developed and launched a website that explored the topic of sexism in America and the feminist movement. In addition to focusing on the historical aspects of the topic, O’Brien interviewed several women and incorporated those interviews into her website presentation.

  • Gina Brown: Distinction in Liberal Arts – Cinema and Ideology

Brown conducted an in-depth literature review on the topic of ideology infused into modern cinema. She then created a video to explain this topic and asked a panel to provide feedback on her findings. The information gleaned from the panel, in addition to her literature review, was used to create an infographic about the topic that was shared with the community.

  • Rasya Reddy Bollu: Distinction in Liberal Arts – The Unemployment Insurance Crisis During the Covid-19 Pandemic 

Reddy Bollu worked with a team of people during the pandemic to address the issue of unemployment and to provide resources through a Facebook page.

Each of these students’ diplomas will indicate their graduation with distinction status, and they will be recognized during any senior awards ceremony or graduation exercise that the district holds later in the year.



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