King Philip Regional High School Announces John and Abigail Adams Scholarship Recipients

Superintendent Paul Zinni and Assistant Superintendent Dr. Susan Gilson are pleased to announce that 84 seniors at King Philip Regional High School are among seniors statewide to receive a John and Abigail Adams Scholarship this year.

“We are very proud of our students who have demonstrated high academic achievement on their MCAS tests and who are being honored with this well-deserved recognition from the state,” Superintendent Zinni said. “This scholarship is proof of all the hard work these students have put into their studies and I ask the community to join me in congratulating them.”

The scholarship can be applied to the four undergraduate institutions of the University of Massachusetts, all nine state universities, and all fifteen community colleges. 

This scholarship is available to students whose MCAS performance puts them in the top 25% of their district. To be eligible, students must either score Advanced on the English, math and science exams, or Advanced on one exam and High Proficient on the other two. Students take the MCAS tests in the spring of their sophomore year.

The following King Philip Regional High School seniors have earned an Adams Scholarship:

Kyle Abbott, Aleksia Andoni, Emerson Baker, Hailey Beane, Helena Bekele, William Bermingham, Grace Berry, Allison Boie, Thomas Brewster, Benson Bulloch, Leah Burke, Carlie Burns, Kari Calderone, Melissa Canning, Lauren Casper, Sydney Cloutier, Gavin Croke, Sarah Cullen, Callie Cummings, Flannery Dalton, Aedan Derfler-Murphy, Jacquelyn Dubois, Camdyn Evans, Carolyn Freese, Luciana Galvez, Catherine Gebhard, Nathan Gebhard, Alison Gendrolis, William Granese, Charlotte Griffin, Katrina Groom, Kiera Hagen, Bastion Hamilton, Ethan Hancock, Philip Harmon, Liam Hickey, Jackson Hom, Noah Ihley, Turag Ikbal, Norah Jackson, Finnuala Keefe, Audrey Kelley, Matthew Kelley, Ryan Kelley, Caroline Kenyon, Owen Klouboucher, Caitlyn Knight, Grace Lawler, James Leonard, Zachary Matta, Ella Mcdonnell, Ryan McGill, Jack McKenna, Maxwell Miller, Margaret Murphy, Brooke Noonan, Ian O’Neill, Connor O’Reilly, Andrew Obara, Spencer Orzell, Raadhay Patel, Collin Peck, Kathryn Quinn, Richard Rand, Matthew Rando, Charlotte Raymond, Melanie Redlitz, Brendan Sencaj, Andrew Seropian, Alea Shammas, Samantha Shore, Kayla Simas, Benjamin Simmons, Luke Stehley, Samantha Sweetman, Sydney Tardinico, Matthew Thomson, James Vinson, Libby Walsh, Ilah Weiblen and Elizabeth White


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