KP Statement About Buffalo

To the King Philip Community,

We are extremely saddened to hear of the latest mass shooting that occurred this past weekend in Buffalo, New York, and we mourn the victims of the latest horrific act of hatred.

As public school educators, we cannot remain silent about the impact these acts have on our country and our students and their families, and we vehemently condemn all acts of violence and hatred. 

As a district, we strive to promote open, safe and welcoming learning environments for our students that allow them the space to process the emotions that occur as a result of these incidents. To assist with processing these emotions, we have numerous resources available at each school including our guidance counselors, adjustment counselors, school psychologists and more.

We also offer a Family Wellness Resource Directory that includes services and additional support for families when discussing topics such as acts of violence and hate, along with general mental health resources.

It is our mission to ensure the health and safety of all students and we will continue to seek out new ways to address these issues on both a local and a global scale. We will also continue to reaffirm our strong commitment to honoring and educating all of our students about inequities and injustices that disproportionately impact individuals of color everywhere and senseless acts of violence toward these communities.

We continue every day to work to ensure that there is a safe space for every student in our schools and in our society. As always, we encourage students with any additional questions or concerns regarding diversity, equity and inclusion to reach out to their respective schools’ administration.


Paul A. Zinni

Superintendent of Schools

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