Department Head

Jesse McKinnon


(508) 384-1000 ext. 3154

Mission Statement

The King Philip Regional High School Science Department is driven by the belief that a foundational understanding of science, technology, and engineering is essential for 21st Century citizens, enabling them to make informed decisions when analyzing current events, healthcare, environmental issues, and technological advances that impact themselves and society. As such, our curriculum is driven by the purpose of providing all students the opportunity to develop, synthesize, and apply the following essential Enduring Understandings of Science and STEM Practices.

The King Philip graduate’s Enduring Understandings of Science will be:

  • Science is a systematic approach to describing natural phenomena objectively through careful observation, experimentation, and analysis.
  • Matter is made up of sub-microscopic particles that are constantly moving and colliding in varying degrees. These interactions determine the macroscopic properties and behaviors of all matter.
  • Matter and energy are conserved in the universe, and there is an energy cost to all processes which depend on the transformation of matter and the flow of energy.
  • The process of evolution drives the diversity and unity of life.

The King Philip graduate will be able to apply the following STEM Practices:

  • Develop and/or analyze testable, applicable, observation-based models.
  • Communicate an idea or point of view citing proper evidence to make their case.
  • Use learned skills to be able to think logically, and critically analyze new situations in order to be responsible, global citizens.


Summer Work Information:

AP Environmental Science students should join the Google Classroom 3bid4lr  You may contact the teacher, Mrs. Pickart, if you have questions at

AP Biology students should join the Google Classroom 34jywbs  You may contact the teachers if you have questions: Ms. Wilder or Mr. Glabicky

AP Chemistry students should join Google Classroom fnn67p3  You may contact the teacher, Mrs. Das, if you have questions at

AP Physics 1 students should join Google Classroom q3jqlbc  You may contact the teacher, Mr. McKinnon, if you have questions at

AP Research students must pick up a textbook and should the Google Classroom hu7ewq6  You may contact the teacher, Ms. Hocking, if you have questions at