King Philip Regional High School Students Recognized During Attleboro Arts Museum High Art Exhibition

WRENTHAM — Superintendent Paul Zinni and Principal Dr. Lisa Mobley are pleased to share that King Philip Regional High School students were awarded for their participation in Attleboro Arts Museum’s annual High Art exhibition.

Attleboro Arts Museum’s annual High Art exhibition is held at Attleboro Arts Museum, 86 Park St. from Thursday, May 16 through Thursday, June 1.

The event is open to all and admission for the event is free.

On Wednesday, May 17, King Philip was given a Merit Award during the Opening Reception and Awards Ceremony.

“I want to congratulate all of the students who are participating in the ongoing annual High Art exhibition,” said Principal Dr. Mobley. “I encourage all students and families to attend the exhibition and experience these creative works in person.”

King Philip Regional High School is one of 14 Massachusetts high schools participating in this year’s High Art exhibition.

High Art connects teens with artists both past and present, fosters the creation of original artworks and provides a professional forum for students to voice their creativity and work collaboratively. The 2023 High Art theme is elemental and features exciting installations that consider the periodic table, the seven elements of art, the power of nature, raw materials and more. Elemental describes the building blocks of life from human connections to the basics of all existing matter including earth, air, fire and water.

Participating King Philip Regional High School students created a robot for their submission. In creating their robot, students aimed to demonstrate the relationship between the elements of the world and the creations of man, emphasizing the idea that while man-made creations are strong and long-lasting, the power of nature and the elements is even stronger.

To create their robot, students collected recycled cardboard, cutting up pieces of cardboard boxes and reusing them to make separate parts of the robot’s body. Students split up into groups to work on each of the pieces and then assembled them all together, as a group, at the end. Velcro was used to connect the top and bottom halves of the robot for easier travel.

The project will remain on display and open for public viewing and voting until the conclusion of the exhibition on Thursday, June 1.

Visitors of the High Art Exhibition will cast their People’s Choice Award ballot by using either a QR Code or a computer terminal in the museum’s gallery that connects to a Google Form. Virtual People’s Choice Award votes will be collected throughout the course of the exhibit, with the award given to the top school after the exhibition has concluded. Artist Steven Wiseman, of Norton, is serving as a juror for the exhibition.

Led by King Philip Regional High School Instructor Mackenzie McKenney, the following students are participating in the event: Lauren Casper, Loralei Casper, Izzie Crowley, Anna Daniele, Hannah Doherty, Samantha Eaton, Emilia Faust, Rowan Garvey, Kelsie Higgins, Charlotte Holmes, Marly Kananowicz, Caitlin MacKay, Abby Mackin, Ava McGowan, Rowan Poggi, Ember Redlitz, Flora Straszynska, Liv Surro and
Serena Vierkant.

To learn more about Attleboro Arts Museum’s annual High Art exhibition, click here.


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