KP Cares Partners with Friends of Adoption and Foster Care to Assist Children in Foster Care System

Superintendent Paul Zinni and Principal Lisa Mobley are pleased to announce that King Philip Regional High School’s KP Cares has partnered with a local group to assist those in the foster care system.

KP Cares partnered with the Friends of Adoption and Foster Care (FAFC) group in Wrentham to assist the group with their backpack drive. The backpack drive, organized by the FAFC for the fourth year, assists those in the foster care system by providing them with a backpack full of the items and necessities needed to assist them during their transition into foster care.

As part of the backpack drive, KP Cares donated 27 backpacks each filled with pajamas, toiletries, school supplies, a stuffed animal and more. KP Cares also donated boxes of school supplies, toiletries and extra stuffed animals.

Between 170-200 members of KP Cares assisted with buying the items for the backpacks and packaging them up. To compile the donations, KP Cares members signed up to purchase the different necessities.

“This was such an amazing drive to be a part of, and we are so lucky to be able to have this opportunity to help others,” KP Cares Director of Community Service Libby Lewis said. “This was our first time partnering with the Friends of Adoption and Foster Care and we look forward to hopefully partnering with them again in the future.”

Once all the backpacks were filled, they were given to the FAFC to be donated to the Arlington Office of the Department of Children and Families. From there, the backpacks will be picked up by social workers to be distributed to children who are being taken to a safe place and in need of supplies.

“These children are living through the worst day and feel like there’s no one who cares about them. Their faces light up when the social worker gives them a backpack. They know they’re being cared for,” said FAFC founding member Jane Svelnis. “It’s clear from the thoughtful selection of the many items KP Cares donated that these students truly do care about the traumatized children of our communities. The FAFC is so grateful to them!”

Added Superintendent Zinni, “We are very proud of our caring students and so pleased to know that they were able to provide some support and comfort to children who must enter the foster care system.”



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