KP Safe Schools

To the King Philip Regional School Community,

We would like to share an update with you regarding ongoing safety measures that are regularly in place within our schools, as well as resources that are available to KP families.

Our school administration remains committed to ensuring a safe and secure learning environment within all King Philip Regional buildings. We have had a focus on school safety for many years, and we continue to have a strong partnership with our local police departments and School Resource Officers (SROs) who work in our schools daily.

Our SROs have provided us with tremendous guidance in the areas of school security and safety, and continue to assist us with thoroughly investigating any threatening comments that may be directed to students, staff, and our schools. Together, we also continue to provide numerous trainings to our staff and students in the areas of anti-bullying, school threats, and more.

Along with our work within the schools to promote a safe and inclusive environment for all, we also recommend that these conversations continue at home with parent/guardian involvement. 

Director of Wellness Dot Pearl has compiled a list of resources with the overarching goal of assisting families in supporting students who are struggling with concerns about threats of violence. To view Director Pearl’s resources, click here. 

Included in the comprehensive list of resources are suggestions for parents/guardians to refer to when speaking with their child about threats of violence and school safety. Also included in the resources are lists of local emergency mental health organizations and hotlines.

If any parent, guardian, or student ever has any question or concern about safety while at school, they are encouraged to contact central administration or their building principal immediately. We will always keep our school community informed of any incidents that arise, and thank you all for your continued support and cooperation.


Superintendent Paul Zinni

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