Team 8-2 Green Gators

Welcome to the Green (Gator) Team webpage!

Green Team A+ Teachers

Ms. Lauren Duffy, ELA

Mrs. Allison Susi, Civics

Ms. Jamie Wilfert, Science

Mrs. MaryBeth Runyon, Math

Mrs. Caitlyn Manning, ELA

Ms. Paige Myette, Math

Ms. Jessica Panchuk, Science

All Green Team students and caregivers can see weekly homework here

Want any and all information about our fabulous Green Gator team conveniently on your device? Check out our GATOR app! GATOR will provide you with all of our announcements, protocols, schedules, teacher contact information, and more! We recommend that all students and families on the team either bookmark the app’s webpage or save it as an app on their personal device for quick access.

To download the app on your device, please follow these steps:

  1. Open your device’s camera and hover it over the QR code to the right.
  2. When prompted on your device, open the webpage.
  3. Once on the webpage, click the button that says “Click here to learn how to save this website as an APP on your device!” and follow the instructions to save the site as an app!